Mexican Food: What Makes Mexican Cuisine so Delicious?


Did you know that Mexican food and cuisine is a rich mixture of indigenous and Spanish cuisines? If you ever happen to visit Mexico, don’t forget to try their best food and dishes which offers something unique and different from the typical food that you have tasted.

Let’s have a glimpse of the history to more about the origin of Mexican food and why it became popular worldwide.  According to the history, a Spanish explorer named Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico where he found types of food, vegetables, fruit, and wild animals that Europeans had never seen before.

When the Spanish explorer found out that people there are eating mangoes, pineapples, avocados, tomatoes, coconuts and basic staples like maize, beans, and hot chillies, he and his followers decided to share with them the Spanish tastes and dishes, such as garlic, cereals, rice, wine, meats and sausages flavored with spices.

They have influenced the Mexican cooking in many ways. Bread, sauces, and even the method of preparing food have been changed.  The native Mexican cooking is corn-made tortillas – small, flat, circular, savory pancakes which are usually made of corn or wheat flour.

Mexican Cooking and Recipe

Over a hundred of varieties of chilies (red, green, yellow, orange, and burgundy) are used in Mexican cooking. They often range in size, shape, and flavor strength. They add spice and color to several Mexican dishes.


Frijoles are another Mexican recipe that adds flavor to any Mexican food. It is a round or oval beans which usually comes in many sizes and colors. You can find this ingredient in the local market where people can buy fresh produce and special food which can seldom be found in the supermarkets.


Chipotles is a smoked-dried canned jalapeños which usually last up to 6 months. This ingredient is frequently used for salsas and marinades because they contain a slight heat mixed with a smoky flavor.


It is a Mexican version of sour ice cream. This ingredient is used in hot and cold sauces which are usually mixed with a punch of bright and tangy flavor. Crema can bring any dish especially flautas and tacos to the next level. It can be found in large supermarkets and most Mexican grocery stores.

Oregano, Mexican

This type of herbs is a bit aggressive, and savory compare to other herbs which you can find in some parts of the world.  You can find this in some specialty stores and most Mexican markets.